Organic Clothing

Organic Clothing

Here at Themptations, we welcome you to a new way of living. That is, wearing fabrics that are not only safe and sustainable for the environment, but comfortable, stylish and durable as well! 

At Themptations we believe that the clothing you wear should leave a small (if any) carbon footprint on our earth. Many chemicals and pesticides are used in both the production of crops, as well as in the making of regular cotton clothing. We want to try and minimize that as much as possible, so many of the items on this website, are made in Canada too!

Cotton is the most produced plant used to create clothing. When growing cotton, it requires the use of a lot of pesticides, which has a huge environmental impact on our earth. The pesticides run into the earth, as well as runs off into other eco-systems killing everything in its path. It also presents health risks for those working around it. It may cost less to manufacture and buy conventional cotton, but it’s definitely terrible for the land, the farm workers and your well-being! We choose organic cotton, and you should too!

Conventional fabric manufacturing is one of the most toxic processes in the world. Traditional crops dump tons of pesticides into the environment worldwide each year, while sucking up our precious water supply. Hemp does not require pesticides, little water and weeding, dramatically minimizing our carbon footprint. It enriches the soil it is grown in, and the fibers are so strong and durable that the fabric actually protects us from UV Rays. Hemp both helps the environment, and the fabric is so durable, the clothing it creates lasts a long time! Meaning more money in your pocket in the long run, and less garbage in the dump!


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