Blue Flame Butane Case

Blue Flame Butane Case

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70% Butane/30% Propane 11 x Filtered 

Blue Flame Butane is pure N-Butane (normal butane) manufactured in the USA to extremely high-quality standards with food-grade BPA-free lining. Conventional butane cans are manufactured in the same factories that make cans for spray paint and penetrating oils, not exactly appetizing. This is the same food-grade lining used for beverage containers keeping your N-Butane clean by ensuring zero oily manufacturing residues are in the can.

The raw material is coated with toxic manufacturing lubricants before processing during the conventional cans' manufacturing process. When the finished can is later filled with a mixture of butane, propane, and nasty sulphurs, there is now also lubricant residue on the can's interior. There is no doubt that these toxins are expelling all over the food that is then being torched.

Blue Flames food-grade cans are manufactured in the same facilities as a food-grade aerosol, and beverage cans are made. Additionally, to ensure there are no oily residues on the cans' interior, each can is coated with a clean BPA-free (PET) liner.

Blue Flame refill cans are used as a fuel source for small handheld lighters and torches, camping stoves, lamps, small power equipment, and generators, even as a refrigerant in refrigerators, freezers, and some air conditioning units. Always use in a well-ventilated area.